The Stortford Executive Team are proud of the progress we have made as a business in the last few years. We have navigated market challenges but remained consistent to our core values, and despite turbulent trading conditions adhered to our mantra of ‘Delivering Confidence on Every Project’.

The MBO and ownership transition has been successful and with the legacy and future of the business secured the outlook is healthy, robust, agile and diverse. As the Stortford Family continues to grow stronger the investment in our staff and team will remain unwavering; our people remain our greatest asset, and the highest levels of competence and professionalism from our personnel and supply chain will continue to differentiate us from our competition.

The Executive Team looks forward to a sustainable road ahead as we continue to forge strong, dependable relationships with all of our Clients – new and long-standing – and galvanise our enviable brand, reputation and credentials. Thank you for all your hard work to date and we look forward to a positive year ahead.