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Health & Safety is at the forefront of all our considerations and integral to all of our business functions. There is no compromise. At Stortford Interiors, we recognise that a strong and practiced safety culture is the cornerstone of every successful project.

We utilise the market leading Chime App, so we always know who’s on site, what they’ve signed, and what their authorisations are. We can group individuals by site, role and skills, to give them the right Health & Safety documentation – whether that’s daily at clock-in or on a one-off occasion. We are always in control and we always know who is work-ready.

We have an enviable safety record that transcends our organisation from design and pre-construction through to delivery, close-out and hand-over. We follow a regimented programme of Health & Safety Inspections and Senior Leadership Team Audits on all projects, irrespective of size, scope or duration.

Operations staff and operatives on every project receive training in fundamental health and safety requirements including:

First Aid
Manual Handling
Fire Safety
Safe Use of Work Equipment
Working at Height
Face Fit Testing
Dust Control
Asbestos Awareness

Our procedures are independently audited, our employees qualified and competency demonstrated and we continuously strive to reduce safety risks throughout our operations.

Stortford Interiors are OHSMS ISO 45001 and Building Confidence certified.

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