The Peninsula London

The Peninsula London
Main Contractor
Sir Robert McAlpine
Project Outline

Stortford Interiors were appointed by Sir Robert McAlpine under a Management Contract to deliver an expansive drywall and ceilings package as part of an extensive back of house and commons areas package for Hongkong and Shangha Hotels Ltd. The project overlooking Hyde Park Corner and Wellington Arch saw the creation of London’s first Peninsula hotel perfectly situated in a prime location that reflects the unique heritage and grandeur of Belgravia.

Designed by Hopkins Architects the building centres around an off-street cobbled courtyard in the style of a classic English garden and is comprised of 190 rooms and suites 25 private super prime residences. The form of The Peninsula has been inspired by the Palazzo Farense in Rome with upper levels set back to create external spaces and planted terraces. Eight levels of accommodation arranged around the courtyard are complemented by five floors that sit below ground and house a spectacular double height ballroom and world class spa and wellness facilities. With an onus on the expression of luxury at every turn the development also houses a high end shopping arcade and retail outlets.

Scope of Works

With an onus on quality and demand for compliance, consistency and quality synonymous with The Peninsula brand Stortford Interiors were selected to deliver a broad drywall and ceilings package that captured a variety of fabrics and finishes to multiple floor plates. The scope was principally focussed around back of house and common areas but grew to capture work faces throughout the landmark hotel.

The drywall scope included performance partitions to core, back of house and fire-fighting lobby areas. Specific focus was made of new and existing base build interfaces and congested M&E service voids posed several challenges and required engineered solutions and secondary steel support works. Air in-let risers with metal cladding also formed part of the scope and were meticulously designed in conjunction and signed-off by the project stakeholders. In addition to drywall constructs traditional internal and external render formed part of Stortford’s remit with proprietary Sto render to core staircases.

In addition to a technical drywall package Stortford Interiors also delivered a voluminous ceilings package. Corridor and cellular areas received a mix of metal pan, MF and mineral fibre ceilings with fire fighting lobbies receiving Kemwell membranes. Within ceiling voids thermal and moisture resistant treatments were also installed to structural soffits to achieve specified performances.

Lastly wall finishes and a wall protection package was added to the scope and permitted the Stortford team to de-risk interface management.

The project was a fabulous opportunity for Stortford Interiors to demonstrate its pierless delivery capabilities, collaborative ethos, commitment to quality and ability to find best compliant value for the project stakeholders.

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