“I have been reflecting on what I would like to do next in the final period of my career, as the management buyout of Stortford Interiors nears completion and full ownership passes onto Scott Shearing, Jim Sheehan and Steve Harvey. I have always had an ambition to finish my career helping small businesses develop their companies and several opportunities have arisen that may help me achieve that final goal.

I have therefore agreed with the board that the transition and mentoring period is now complete and this is the right time to move on, as I sincerely believe there is little more that I would be able to add to the strong management team we have in place. I will therefore be stepping down from the business on Monday 17th July and I will be resigning as a director of Stortford Interiors and associated businesses.

In the short term, following my resignation, I will be assisting the Board with strategic matters and some business relationships, as this final transition takes place.

I can honestly say that it has been a wonderful journey (31 years) working with great people, who have all contributed to the success story of Stortford Interiors. I have made many friends with staff, suppliers and clients which I will always cherish. It is with great pride that I now hand over the business to Scott, Jim and Steve and watch them continue building an even better sustainable business.

I wish all our stakeholders a very happy and successful future.”