At Stortford Interiors we consistently strive to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations. We have an obligation to mitigate the waste from our activities, reduce carbon emissions where possible and off-set where practicable. We have a robust ‘Going Green’ road map where we set out our and implement measures to improve our overall sustainability.

We have a stringent Carbon Reduction plan developed in conjunction with leading sustainability experts and take our commitments seriously.

As part of this commitment to a stringent carbon reduction pathway Stortford Interiors Ltd are happy to announce our achievement of carbon neutrality for the period 1 st January 2022 – 31st December 2022 in alignment with PAS 2060.

Data emissions were calculated following ISO 14064-1, the leading international standard for calculating and reporting on GHG emissions. Following calculations, and the creation of a new Emissions Monitoring System, Stortford Interiors purchased independently verified carbon credits from The Gold Standard to offset our emissions. Our carbon neutrality covers our gas, electricity, business travel, commuting, waste, water, and homeworking.

It is important to us as a business that we followed the framework set out in PAS 2060 to ensure we only purchase high-quality offsets that have been independently verified by a third-party. Using The Gold Standard means we have contributed to a scheme that support livelihoods and environmental protection. As part of this project and our overall commitment to Net Zero, we have created our Carbon Reduction Plan following PAS 2060, ISO 14064-1 and PPN 06/21 requirements. This will be used to reduce absolute and intensity-based reductions against our base year. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions and maintaining our carbon neutral status for future reporting periods.’