Stortford Interiors is committed to maximizing the sustainability of all aspects of our business; nowhere is this more apparent than in our attention to social value. We incorporate social value on every project through individually tailored initiatives prepared in conjunction with each project’s client team to ensure that the range and focus of our initiatives are fully supported and align with their corporate social values. The planning and implementation of all our initiatives is headed up by Stortford Interiors’ Environmental & Sustainability team.

Our Environmental & Sustainability team is responsible for reducing Stortford Interiors’ carbon footprint on a project-by-project basis and introducing Green Sustainability initiatives, as well as bringing community value through social initiatives for all our clients. Our team works with our supply chain, project stakeholders, and management teams to ensure that all those directly involved in our social value initiatives are proactively engaged and committed to producing the best possible result for each targeted community group. This can range from maximizing local spend opportunities on behalf of the client and surrounding community, to supporting local schools by providing needed equipment or educational accessories, to placing residents in project work experience or apprenticeships within Stortford Interiors.

Some of Stortford Interiors’ most recent social value initiatives include the following:

  1. Maximizing local spending opportunities resulting in a current £1.6m local spend on a single recent project.
  2. Providing The Aldgate School with school playground furniture, made from excess project FSC® timbers.
  3. Hosting bagel breakfast mornings at The Aldgate School in conjunction with project main contractor Skanska on behalf of our Hardwick House HS2 project.
  4. Highlighting and providing sustainable, eco-friendly school educational kits and educational accessories for school pupils, carried out on behalf of our Hardwick House HS2 project with Skanska as well as with ISG on behalf of our Pilgrim Street project.
  5. Hosting “taster days”, work experience, and apprenticeships opportunities within each project’s local community. A recent candidate from New Horizon Youth Charity attended a taster day at the Skanska HS2 Hardwick House project and was supported by Stortford Interiors’ management team in gaining a placement at our Eastbrook Film Studio Project in Dagenham, where we are assisting main contractor Volker Fitzpatrick in creating London’s largest film and television production centre.